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USCRA President's Message

November 2014

Interesting seminars, delicious food, gorgeous weather, many surprises and lots of work made for a glorious 69th Annual Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida. New acquaintances were made, old friendships were renewed, awards were bestowed, plans were made for the upcoming year, and the attendees, tired but happy, traveled home.

One of the highlights of this convention was the recognition given by the USCRA Board of Directors on Brenda Fauber. Brenda received the new Brenda L. Fauber Leadership Award for her past and present outstanding service to USCRA. Please read the article on page XX for more information about the award and Brenda.

The end of the convention begins a new year of leadership for USCRA, and we certainly have our work cut out for us. Our profession is facing one of the most challenging times in its history. The AO's upcoming Work Measurement Study is mandatory for every federal reporter. USCRA has been and continues to work hard to represent federal court reporters' best interests in this study. The final results could affect court reporter allocation. It is imperative that everyone take this seriously. We will be providing information on this study to each of you throughout the year.

USCRA's ability to keep you informed would not be possible without the incredible dedication of your fellow reporters who volunteer every day of every year. I call them USCRA Rock Stars. This association wouldn't exist without these people. I can't possibly name them all, but I will share a few examples of these extraordinary people.

Cindy Nirenberg and her committee bring you our website and email blasts and newsletters. Lisa Wiesman and her committee produce The Circuit Rider, USCRA's quarterly magazine. Terri Martin and her committee organize each convention from the ground up. Shirley Hall represents USCRA's interests in CRAG. Jan Davis and her committee on Federal Legislation and Regulations monitor anything that might affect court reporters. Each one of these folks volunteers their time and effort to benefit every federal court reporter. Each and every one of them is a USCRA rock star in my book, and it's not easy. They're all busy court reporters just like you. They have families just like you. But they make the time to accomplish these important tasks for YOU. They can't do it alone, and they can't do it forever.

I have a few tips to help you get through the tough year ahead and to help USCRA continue its work.

  1. Stay informed. Read all the material that USCRA sends out. Talk about it with your colleagues. Spread the news.
  2. Ask questions. Your elected circuit reps and officers are available. A list of all our reps and officers is on the last two pages of this magazine. You elected them. Don't be left in the dark. Ask questions.
  3. Follow through. If USCRA asks you to speak to a judge or reach out to other people, do it. Don't expect the other guy to handle it. Be proactive.
  4. And most shocking of all, volunteer. Step up to the plate. Your strength and passion will help USCRA, your profession, and your livelihood. You may be surprised how good it feels to be part of the solution!

I'm privileged to work with these people who have so much knowledge and passion for our profession. They've truly inspired many of us surrounding them. I look forward to serving you this next year and finding out who the next USCRA rock stars will be.

Barbara Barnard, President
Email: rokinmoose@aol.com