Blumberg Recipients


The Award of Excellence is the highest tribute which the United States Court Reporters Association can bestow upon a peer. It is intended to recognize one person for extraordinary dedication, effort, and achievement on behalf of the members of this association and for the enrichment of all reporters in the federal court system.

In 1993, the USCRA Award of Excellence was renamed The Samuel M. Blumberg, Jr. Award of Excellence, in honor of “Mr. USCRA,” Samuel Blumberg.

1988 – Jim Harper
1989 – Barbara L. Buesing
1990 – Stanley B. Rizman
1992 – Roberta Rogers
1993 Awarded at Washington, D.C. – Maellen Pittman of Chicago, IL
1994 Awarded at Lake Tahoe, CA – Joe Snyder of Chicago, IL
1995 Awarded at Key West, FL – Barbara Buesing of Kansas City, MO
1996 Awarded at Boston, MA – Carol Jacobs of Tampa, FL
1997 Awarded at New Orleans, LA – Don Womack of Boston, MA
1998 Awarded at San Francisco, CA – Jennifer Vail-Kirkbride of Wheeling, WV
1999 Awarded at Charleston, SC – Jerry Kelley of Beaumont, TX
2000 Awarded at Scottsdale, AZ – Marie Moran Runyon of Shreveport, LA
2001 Awarded at Chicago, IL – Angela O’Donnell of White Plains, NY
2002 Awarded at Washington, DC – Sheri Ward of Detroit, MI
2004 Awarded at Detroit, MI – Jackleen DeFini of Chicago, IL
2005 Awarded at San Diego, CA – Kathleen (Katie) Wirt of Kansas City, MO
2006 Awarded at Providence, RI – Brenda Fauber of Omaha, NE
2008 Awarded at Denver, CO – JoAnn Bacheller of Billings, Montana
2009 Awarded at Key West, FL – Charyse Crawford of Dallas, TX
2011 Awarded at Maui, HI – Terri Martin of Des Moines, IA
2012 Awarded at Charleston, SC – Jan Davis of Cheyenne, Wyoming
2015 Awarded at Park City, UT – Shirley Hall of West Waynesburg, PA
2016 Awarded at New Orleans, LA – Ronald Tolkin of Babylon, NY
2017 Awarded at Scottsdale, AZ – Diane Skillman of Pleasant Hill, CA
2018 Awarded at Tysons Corner, VA – Barbara Barnard of Kansas City, MO
2019 Awarded at Oklahoma City, OK – Joseph Armstrong of Greensboro, NC
2020 Awarded during Virtual Convention – Cindy Nirenberg of Los Angeles, CA
2021 Awarded at Kiawah Island, SC – Lisa Wiesman of Fairfield, OH
2022 Awarded at Denver, CO – Kelli Mulcahy of Des Moines, IA

Chairmen and Presidents of the Conference of United States Court Reporters (CUSCR)
United States Court Reporters Association (USCRA)

Chairmen of the Conference of United States Court Reporters (CUSCR)

1946-47 Roy E. Fuller
1947-48 Harry A. Harnden
1948-49 Everett G. Rodebaugh
1949-50 Everett G. Rodebaugh
1949-51 Fred C. Tilghman
1951-52 Gerrit I. Buist
1952-53 Everett G. Rodebaugh
1953-54 Walter W. Heironimus
1954-55 Chloe S. MacReynolds
1955-56 Alfred H. Frederick
1956-57 Earl T. Chamberlain
1957-58 John R. Adams
1958-59 William A. Foster
1959-60 Frank M. Sickles
1960-61 Ruby M. Palmer
1961-62 Ruby M. Palmer
1962-63 Emanuel Karr
1963-64 Harry B. Derry
1964-65 Gerald J. Popelka