Pursuant to Article VII of the bylaws, all officers shall be ex officio members of all committees except the Nominating Committee



Auditing Committee
Diane Skillman, Chair; Bruce Slavin
Inspect the books of the Secretary-Treasurer/Executive Director annually and report their findings at the annual Board meeting of the Association.

Ethics Committee
Maria Weinbeck, Chair; Kathy Fennell
Investigate allegations of unethical conduct on the part of members of USCRA and to recommend to the Board of Directors such remedial action as the Ethics Committee deems appropriate to the circumstances.

AO Committee
Shirley Hall, Chair; Jan Davis, Barbara Barnard, Kathy Fennell, Sheri Ward, Jana McKinney, Anthony Frisolone, Bill Downs
Track rules and policy changes that may affect federal officials and provide advice to the Executive Committee and Board in addressing those with potential impact on members; for example, J-Net, CRAG, Judicial Conference proceedings, the court reporter manual.

Membership Committee
C. Nirenberg, Chair; Julie Thomas, Kelli Mulcahy, Bill Downs
Assist others in recruiting members to join, provide passwords to members to access Private Library on website, assist with maintenance of database for testing purposes.

Nominating Committee – Elected pursuant to association bylaws
Past President Members:
2015 Past President – (Term Expires Oct. 2017) – Barbara Barnard
2016 Past President – (Term Expires Oct. 2018) – Kristine Mousseau
Regular Members:
One-year term – (Term Expires Oct. 2017) – Kristin Anderson
Two-year term – (Term Expires Oct. 2018) – Reggie Lambrecht
Three-year term – (Term Expires Oct. 2019) – Terri Martin
Alternate Members:
Alternate #1 – (Term Expires Oct. 2017) – Jan Davis
Alternate #2 – (Term Expires Oct. 2017) – Jo Wilkinson
The duty of this committee shall be to formulate a slate consisting of nominees for each of the various offices of the Association.


Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Kelli Mulcahy, Chair; Joe Armstrong, JoAnn Bacheller, Jo Wilkinson, Bill Downs
Review requests for amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws and propose wording for any suggested changes.

Convention Committee
Convention & Site Coordinator – Terri Martin; Seminar Coordinator – Jan Davis; Bill Downs
Coordinate the plans for USCRA’s two conventions.

Historical Committee
Andrea Wabeke, Chair; Sheri Ward
Maintain historical records of association, gather archives of The Circuit Rider issues and Court Reporter Management Plans for inclusion on website.

Reporter Testing Committee
Kelli Mulcahy, Chair; Kathy Fennell, Amie First, Shirley Hall, Liz Lemke, Candy Potter, Lisa Wiesman
Create dictation materials, administer all aspects of Federal Certified Realtime Reporter examination and annual realtime speed contest.

Website/Social Media Committee
Cindy Nirenberg, Chair; Joe Armstrong
Maintain USCRA’s website and perform regular updating; assist Executive Director and Executive Committee with blasts, surveys, and other electronic communications; administer and provide support for USCRA’s Facebook page and USCRA Messenger.

USCRA CRAG Representative – Shirley Hall

Circuit Representative Council
Chair – Diane Skillman
Co-Chair – Megan Hague

The Circuit Rider – Shirley Hall, Editor; Candy Potter, Advertising Manager and Photographer; Bill Downs, Managing Editor

To contact any committee chair or to volunteer for USCRA committees in the future, please send your email to