1. I’m interested in joining USCRA. What membership category is appropriate for me?
If you are a full-time Federal Official Court Reporter employed by the United States District Court, you would fall under the Regular Member category. If you are a Federal Official Court Reporter who job shares with another reporter, you should join as a Job Share Member. If you are a court reporter but you are not employed by the United States Courts, you are eligible to apply for membership under the Associate Member category. Student court reporters may join under the Student Member category, and non-reporters interested in joining USCRA may apply for membership as a Supporting Member.

Please note that pursuant to the USCRA bylaws, Associate and Supporting Member applicants require endorsement by a Regular Member. The endorsement box appears in the lower left-hand corner of the membership application. If you don’t know a Regular Member, please write to membership.uscra@gmail.com.

2. What benefits will I receive by joining USCRA?
There are many benefits to joining USCRA. USCRA is the only association that concerns itself solely with issues that affect federal official court reporters. Job Share and Regular Members receive online access to USCRA’s private library, which contains invaluable information for the working federal official court reporter. All members receive a subscription to USCRA’s publication, The Circuit Rider, as well as important updates regarding current issues. USCRA membership also entitles you to be on the mailing list in order to receive e-mail updates on various information important to you and your career as a federal official court reporter. As an USCRA member, you also have the opportunity to sit for four Federal Certified Realtime Reporter (FCRR) examinations per year. Regular, Job Share, and Student Member applicants may apply for or renew their membership online. Join us today!

3. I recently left the federal court in order to work as a freelance reporter. Why should I maintain my USCRA membership?
Some former federal reporters enjoy working in federal court on a contract basis. Maintenance of your USCRA membership will enable you to stay abreast of current issues that affect reporters working in federal court. As a freelance reporter, you would be eligible to join as an Associate Member at $75 per year. What a bargain!

4. If I join in the middle of the year, how long will my membership last?
If you join at any time before the Annual Convention (held in October of each year), your membership will be in effect to the end of the current calendar year. If you join after Annual Convention, your membership will be in effect until the end of the next calendar year. For instance, if you pay your dues in September of 2018, your membership will expire December 31, 2018. However, if you pay your dues at the end of October 2018 after the Annual Convention, your membership will expire December 31, 2019.

5. Do I have to be a member of USCRA in order to sit for the Federal Certified Realtime Reporter (FCRR) examination or USCRA’s Realtime Speed Contest?
Yes, you have to be a member in good standing with the Association in order to sit for the FCRR exam or compete in the Realtime Speed Contest. Any category of membership will satisfy this requirement. The Realtime Speed Contest has the additional requirement that you be registered to attend some portion of the Annual Convention at which the contest is administered.

6. I’m a current member of USCRA. When do I need to pay my annual dues?
Membership renewals become due on December 31st of each year. Anyone who has not renewed by April 1st will be removed from the USCRA membership rolls.

7. I have a question specific to my own membership, or my question hasn’t been answered in this area of the website. What should I do?
Send further inquiries to register.uscra@gmail.com, and your questions will be answered promptly.