President’s Message

(Kristine’s message is an excerpt from her acceptance speech delivered on October 10, 2015, in Park City, Utah.)

What does it mean to be the president of the United States Court Reporters Association? To me, it means I have been elected as a chosen child by my contemporaries to do my best to lead an organization in which I believe strongly. When contemplating what I would speak about in my acceptance speech, I asked the advice of someone I respect greatly, Bill Downs. His advice was to let people know who I am and let my personality come through.

Every leader has his or her style. My style is to be inclusive and communicative. If you don’t know me, I am not good at sugar coating. I am a “say it like it is” kind of girl, but my heart is always in the right place.

The people who have stood in these shoes before me can certainly appreciate the enormity of the task at hand. I will endeavor to fill those enormous shoes. It will be a challenge for many reasons, the least of which is the fact that I wear a size five shoe. I will seek the sage wisdom of our past presidents. They have the knowledge and experience to help me accomplish the goals of this coming year. I will depend on the executive committee whose talents and abilities I will draw upon as equals to make this year a success.

I will look to the circuit representatives, who are the lifeblood of the United States Court Reporters Association. The willingness of the reps, new and seasoned alike, to serve is an essential element in the sustainability of the organization. They are the direct connection to the membership, which is the strongest and most important link between the leadership and the members.

The participation of all USCRA members is a key component to the success of USCRA. All members are part of leadership, by actively participating as members, electing circuit reps and providing input to strengthen the entire organization.

I do not have the background and experience of those who have led this organization before me. I am honored and humbled to be in front of you in this very position. It is daunting to think of following in the footsteps of people whose knowledge and experience I admire so much. Why do I think it is such an honor? When I think about USCRA, I think about what it stands for, the United States Court Reporters Association. We are United States court reporters. What we do, day in and day out, is as hard as it gets in our profession. We are privileged to serve the United States and live in this country with all that that means.
What do I want to accomplish? I asked one of the past presidents what I should include in my remarks. She suggested I choose three things to accomplish, and I have three things! I choose the 1) Work 2) Measurement 3) Study. I look at the Work Measurement Study as an opportunity to include all the different aspects of our job and show how we support and enhance the efficiency of our judges and the federal court system. It will be a more accurate and revealing study because we alone have the unique privilege of documenting our efforts for a full year.

I want to focus on communication concerning this study with our constituents. It will only help us if we are accurate. It is imperative to give this study our best effort for our own benefit.

I will work hard, I will be transparent, and I will listen to anyone who wants to share.

Thank you for your faith in me.

Kristine Mousseau
USCRA President 2015-2016