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Join us in Chicago! (more...)
April 24: Board meeting
April 25: FCRR and seminars
April 26: Software training

Join us in Park City, Utah!
Oct 8: Board meeting
Oct 9: Seminars
Oct 10: FCRR and seminars
Oct 11: 5K walk/run and software training

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Benefits of Realtime Reporting Video Released (more...)

For the best insight into our profession's 5,000-year ancestry, we recommend that you consult The Gallery of Shorthand


CRAG Minutes - Latest

Court Reporters Act, 28 USC Section 753

Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol. 6: Court Reporting

Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol. 2: Ethics / Code of Conduct

Congratulations to our NEWEST FCRR Recipients. (more...)

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Federal Judicial Television Network (FJTN)
The FJTN makes available to federal employees educational and informational programs from the Federal Judicial Center and the Administrative Office. There are many programs of special interest to court reporters. Check your monthly FJTN Bulletin for dates and times.

Employer Identification Number
If you've ever wondered how to get an EIN, the Internal Revenue Service's website has the information for you. You will need the Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number and the Instructions for Form SS-4. Consult your tax advisor to find out if an Employer Identification Number is right for you!

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Congratulations to Brenda Fauber who recieved NCRA'S 2014 Distinguished Service Award recipient
  on Friday, August 1, 2014

- - -
Congratulations to Sarah Nagoette on her election as 2014-2015 NCRA President
- - -
Congratulations to Jo Ann Bryce who won Speed and Realtime contests
- - -
Our nominating committee is pleased to announce the following slate of officers for 2014-2015:
Barbara Barnard, President - Brownsville, Texas
Kristine Mousseau, President-Elect - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joseph Armstrong, Secretary-Treasurer - Greensboro, North Carolina
Laura Robinson, Vice-President - Salt Lake City, Utah

The election of officers took place during the business meeting
at the annual convention in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 11, 2014.
- - -
Shirley Hall is our new CRAG representative and is replacing Joe Armstrong.
Shirley has vast experience having served on CRAG as NCRA's representative.
Joe Armstrong asked to be relieved of his duties as USCRA's CRAG representative
due to his heavy work schedule. USCRA thanks Joe for his service.

USCRA President's Message


November 2014
By Barbara Barnard

Interesting seminars, delicious food, gorgeous weather, many surprises and lots of work made for a glorious 69th Annual Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida. New acquaintances were made, old friendships were renewed, awards were bestowed, plans were made for the upcoming year, and the attendees, tired but happy, traveled home.

One of the highlights of this convention was... Read entire President's Message


Banding with those engaged in similar activity has been an important part of professionalism through the ages. It has been done to improve skills and occupation, share knowledge and common interests – and, yes, for camaraderie with colleagues.

You have a substantial investment in an exceptional profession, and a lifestyle that depends on the perpetuation of your job. Created in 1945, USCRA is the national representative for the federal court reporting profession. Together, you and we can do what neither can do alone.  Join us today!

Visitors who are interested in pursuing a career in court reporting: USCRA recommends that you consult the very helpful website of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).   Read More...

USCRA – Your Federal Reporting Association

USCRA conducts board meetings and CEU-qualified seminars at its spring MidYear meeting and Annual Convention in autumn. And our quarterly publication, The Circuit Rider, contains articles geared to enhancing your career in the US District Court.

We have several programs to help increase your income. USCRA offers four FCRR testing opportunities per year to obtain realtime certification, recognized by the AO for salary increase. FCRRs may also charge for realtime services. And our yearly Realtime Speed Contest Champion is awarded a cash prize in addition to bragging rights and a beautiful trophy. Other available monetary benefits are announced elsewhere on our website and in The Circuit Rider.

Associate Members. Reporters outside the federal court system may apply for associate membership. All privileges of regular membership obtain, except voting and election rights. more info...

Supporting Members. Those not actively engaged in verbatim reporting, who are interested in the preservation of our profession and not otherwise eligible for membership, may apply as a supporting member. more info...

Student Members. A student certified as being enrolled in a shorthand reporting program may apply as a student member.  more info...